Ships were built for sailing,planes were build for flying,houses were build to be lived in and human beings were also created for a purpose.

So many people today are living lives which have no specific direction or purpose. They have not clearly defined goals or objectives they have stated in life and this causes them to live in a poor state called "dogma" which is living according to the standards of other people.


In us, we hold a special key which can open the door to our greatness destiny which God almighty had created for us. However, not everyone has realised the key in them thus having that door to their greatness still locked. This, therefore, leads to many people having so much of their potentials untapped and wasting lives.

Everyone holds an answer to a particular question in life, a solution to a particular problem and an idea that can change and transform this world to become a better place.

I like the words of Gordon T Smith who stated, "knowing who you are and being true to it is the key to a fulfilling life that will count for God." I have known my purpose in life which is to bring hope,transformation and inspiration in people's lives.   Have you found yours?

I wish you to discover yourself and may God bless you.

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